Evan-Moor Grammar and Punctuation Grades 1-2-3-4-5-6

Evan Moor Educational
Grammar and Punctuation Books
6 Files | 55 MB | Year 2002

Provide your students with the grammar and punctuation practice they need to perform successfully on classroom assignments, in the real world, and on state tests! 25 grammar and punctuation rules are supported by downloadable interactive charts and reproducible practice pages to help students develop important language skills. Interactive and reproducible activities motivate students as they practice grammar and punctuation skills such as: sentences and sentence punctuation, capitalizing proper nouns, nouns, verbs, adjectives, compound words, contractions, using I, me, we, us, they, and them correctly, plurals and irregular plurals, commas in lists, dates, and addresses, possessive nouns, past tense, spelling changes when adding endings, and comparative and superlative adjectives.

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Grammar and Punctuation Grade 1.pdf [8.29 MB]
Grammar and Punctuation Grade 2.pdf [10.55 MB]
Grammar and Punctuation Grade 3.pdf [9.95 MB]
Grammar and Punctuation Grade 4.pdf [9.82 MB]
Grammar and Punctuation Grade 5.pdf [7.39 MB]
Grammar and Punctuation Grade 6.pdf [8.31 MB]
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