Self-Study of Teaching and Teacher Education Practices


Self Study of Teaching and Teacher Education Practices
22 Volumes | PDF-TRUE | Springer 2014-2020
This series has been organized in order so that the insights from self-study research and practice might offer a more comprehensive articulation of the distinguishing aspects of such work to the education community at large and builds on the International Handbook of Self Study in Teaching and Teacher Education (Loughran, Hamilton, LaBoskey & Russell, 2004). Self-study may be viewed as a natural consequence of the re-emergence of reflection and reflective practice that gripped the education community in the last two decades of the 20th century (see for example Calderhead & Gates, 1993; Clift et al., 1990; Grimmett & Erickson, 1988; LaBoskey, 1994; Schön, 1983, 1987). However, self-study aims to, and must, go further than reflection alone. Self-study generates questions about the very nature of teaching about teaching in teacher education (Korthagen & Kessels, 1999) and is important in conceptualizing scholarship in teaching as it generates and makes public the knowledge of teaching and learning about teaching so that it might be informative to the education community in general. 
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Volume 01 - The Missing Links in Teacher Education Design.pdf [6.4 MB]
Volume 02 - Making a Difference in Teacher Education Through Self-Study.pdf [3.84 MB]
Volume 03 - Teacher Learning and Development.pdf [2.04 MB]
Volume 04 - Collective Improvisation in a Teach.pdf [3.84 MB]
Volume 05 - Tensions In Teaching About Teaching.pdf [1.92 MB]
Volume 06 - Powerful Pedagogy.pdf [2.19 MB]
Volume 07 - Seeking Integrity in Teacher Education.pdf [1.8 MB]
Volume 08 - Self-study of Practice as a Genre of Qualitative Research.pdf [1.26 MB]
Volume 09 - Research Methods for the Self-study of Practice.pdf [4.98 MB]
Volume 10 - Advancing Social Studies Education through Self-Study Methodology.pdf [2.42 MB]
Volume 11 - What Counts in Teaching Mathematics.pdf [1.53 MB]
Volume 12 - Self-Studies of Science Teacher Education Practices.pdf [1.08 MB]
Volume 13 - Self-Study in Physical Education Teacher Education.pdf [1.31 MB]
Volume 14 - Self-studies in Rural Teacher Education .pdf [2.15 MB]
Volume 15 - Professional Learning Through Transitions and Transformations.pdf [4.02 MB]
Volume 16 - Being Self-Study Researchers in a Digital World.pdf [2.52 MB]
Volume 17 - Reflective Theory and Practice in Teacher Education.pdf [3.4 MB]
Volume 18 - Teachers as Self-directed Learners.pdf [1.82 MB]
Volume 19 - Teaching, Learning, and Enacting of Self-Study Method.pdf [5.6 MB]
Volume 20 - Ethics, Self-Study Research Methodology And Teacher Education.pdf [2.49 MB]
Volume 21 - Interrogating Authenticity in Outdoor Education Teacher Education.pdf [4.04 MB]
Volume 22 - Being a Teacher Educator in Challenging Times.pdf [2.33 MB]
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