Longman Pockets 2nd Edition 3 Levels

Longman Pockets 2nd Edition 3 Levels
Student's Book + Workbook + Audio CDs
10 Files | 250 MB | Year: 2009

Pockets, second edition, introduces exciting new features to the very popular three-level English course for children ages 3-5. This series continues to use the successful five-step pedagogy of Warm Up, Presentation, Practice, Application and Assessment, while developing language and developmental skills through fun hands-on activities. Student Book units include creative Projects, Values Curriculum and an enhanced numbers curriculum. Photographs add a real-life connection. Assessments have been enhanced by the addition of dialogues. The Numbers curriculum has been extended. An innovative Reading and Writing Workbook can be used to accelerate learning in Level 2 or to extend practice further in Level 3. New songs and chants will again motivate children to reach into Pockets, second edition to learn English. 

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