Cambridge Evolve 6 Levels Presentation Plus DVD-ROM

Cambridge Evolve 6 Levels
Presentation Plus DVD-ROM
6 Files | 4,5 GB | Year 2019
Drawing on insights from language teaching experts and real students, this Level 6 (CEFR C1) Student's Book covers all skills and focuses on the most effective and efficient ways to make progress in English. Each of the 12 units in the book features Time to speak, a lesson where decision-making and problem-solving tasks enable speaking to thrive. Optional mobile phone activities help create personalized learning experiences.
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Cambridge - Evolve Level 1 Presentation Plus    608.57 MB
Cambridge - Evolve Level 2 Presentation Plus 671.25 MB
Cambridge - Evolve Level 3 Presentation Plus 916.01 MB
Cambridge - Evolve Level 4 Presentation Plus 750.98 MB
Cambridge - Evolve Level 5 Presentation Plus 773.77 MB
Cambridge - Evolve Level 6 Presentation Plus 763.03 MB
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