Write Right Beginner 3 Levels

DVD eBook Write Right Beginner 3 Levels
Teacher's Guide + Answer Keys + Word Lists
10 Files | 3 MB | Year 2010
Using the guided writing approach, the step between shared writing and independent writing, Write Right Beginner helps students learn a wide range of genres including descriptive, narrative, expository, creative, and persuasive writing along with basic writing conventions. Each lesson is based on a systematic 3 step-guided program that leads students through the processes of idea mapping, organizing, and structuring paragraphs with graphic organizers. This approach will help students practice their revising and eiditing skills, and create their final writings. Write Right Beginner has been carefully designed to encourage learners' creativity and logical thinking abilities through the use of clear, interesting controlled writing models and text organizing skills. The characters will captivate students, keeping them interested and motivated throughout the books. 
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